The Rice Bar — the best (Korean) food in DC!!

Finding a good restaurant is something that makes me pretty excited. I’m here in Washington for a month, and was a little worried that I wouldn’t find one that would hit the spot on all levels. Then one day I was walking back to the office and saw a bunch of people sitting outside of a Korean restaurant eating out of giant bowls.

The thing is,people were eating out of REAL bowls and that’s what got my attention — at first.

One thing that’s astounded me here in DC is the amount of packaging people go through on their lunch hours – and all day for that matter. I see people with paper coffee cups almost as often as I see people talking on phones. Even if people are sitting in a Starbucks having their coffees “for here”, they still drink them out of paper cups.

“It’s a business,” said a Starbucks counter attendant to me when I voiced our troubling packaging habits to him. “It’s a business — like anything else,” he said.

Yes, there are people who get their livelihoods from the packaging industry. And we need to change that.

Anyways – back to the food at this lovely Korean place. I decided to give it a try the next day. The joint is called “The Rice Bar” and it’s right on the corner of K Street and 19th Street North West. You get to build your own bibimpop or noodle bowls. I fell in love with bibimpops when I was working in Toronto. I found a nice, little family restaurant on Yonge street and went there almost every day. Rice, vegetables, probiotic-filled kimchi, dried seawood –so delicious. The food at the Rice Bar is just as good — maybe even better!!


The toppings to choose from are amazing. I generally go for the seaweed salad, walnuts, broccoli, edamame and/or mushrooms (you can choose 4). Then you choose the sauce – and I usually pick the spicy peanut sauce. I’m not sure if that’s Korean at all — but it is very tasty. The vegetarian delight comes to $7.14 with tax. You can add ‘protein’ — tofu, an egg, chicken, etc. — for a few dollars more.




So yes — for around $7.00 you can have a bowl of likely some of the most nutritious food in DC. And if you get it ‘for here’ you don’t use any packaging. They have real bowls and silver spoons! How often is that possible these days? It’s food I can smile and feel clean about in more ways than one.



5 thoughts on “The Rice Bar — the best (Korean) food in DC!!

  1. Very good point about packaging. I get the sanitary argument for disposable dishes and cutlery but it isn’t that hard to use the dish-washing system you use for the food prep. equipment on reusable dishes and utensils. Bring your own mug to coffee shops and you’ll often get a financial incentive, as well as tossing one more disposable cup in the landfill.


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