How to Make Easy Tiramisu

I had some time last Friday so I thought I would try and make Tiramisu (Italian for pick-me-up, likely because of the coffee content?). It’s one of my favourite desserts and I always wanted to make it myself, a la scratch, homemade, right in my own kitchen.

One thing that shocked me was how pricey mascrapone cheese is here in Canada! I paid $10.00 for 400 grams, the amount I needed for the recipe. I likely could have gotten a frozen Tiramisu – or two – for that price. All together, it likely cost me about $12.00 to make the 9-inch-square-sized concoction, which is enough for about 10 servings I would say, but that really depends on the size of your pieces.

So the first thing you do is lay the lady fingers (isn’t that a funny name for a sweet biscuit) along the bottom of the pan. Then you take about a cup of coffee and pour it over the lady fingers. More advanced Tiramisu would have layers of lady fingers, but this one was, like I said, easy peasy. So one layer.


Then in a bowl you mix together the mascrapone cheese, some vanilla (pods, extract, etc.), some sherry (I bought almond-flavoured, and found the almond-coffeeness to be a perfect combo) and the juice of one orange. I also added a little bit of 10% cream to make it a bit more liquid.

Then, you take a spatula and smeared the mascrapone mixture over the soaked biscuits. And ta-da, an easy-peasy Tiramisu!! Oh wait, for the final step I sprinkled cocoa on top with a large sieve. That was fun. And it’s so, so, sooo darn pretty.



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