Preservation Society: Unique, Jar-Filled Flavours

Today I’m reminiscing about my visit with Camilla Wynne this past winter. Wynne is the owner of Preservation Society, a small-batch preserve company located in Montreal’s busy Boulevard Saint-Laurent.  Ever since I first heard about her preserves on Radio-Canada’s “Bien bans son assiette”, my mouth had been watering for them. My curiosity surely did not let me down!

Preservation Society

With mixes like Fall Sweater, Blue Matin and Rhume Rx, her preserves are creative blend of tradition, festiveness and fabulous flavours in a jar. From syrups to jams or confitures, to pickled veggies and more, the jars contain delights with unique twists that simply make delicious sense. For instance, the Confiture de Pommes au Four, or Baked Apple Jam, is a mix of apples, dark rum, raisins, walnuts, cinnamon and vanilla bean. I imagine it would be the perfect topping for vanilla ice cream or a bowl of warm morning oatmeal.

Preservation Society, jams

Preservation Society, syrups

Wynne also spoke about her cookbook, which became available in English this past spring. She also offers classes at the Saint-Laurent location, inspiring and teaching others to be creative while blending together long-lasting flavours.

Preservation Society, cookbook


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