Five Reasons to Love Gardening

I’ve been gardening for three years now and this season just ended. It was a good one — one filled with spinach, kale, carrots, tomatoes, one watermelon, green and purple bush beans and even parsley. My onions didn’t turn out and my tomatoes had some kind of mildew on them, but still, it was a lot of fun — to say the least!


1. It’s delicious

How I love the yummy flavours of fresh vegetables! I do think that fresher vegetables are tastier. Think of a juicy field tomato compared to a pale greenhouse one. The field ones have a lot more flavour, really there’s almost nothing better than a fresh garden tomato. The carrots I grew this year had amazing flavour as well, but I think that also has to do with the fact that I’m biting into them just a few days after I pulled them out of the ground. I think when they sit on a shelf in a plastic bag for weeks and even months on end, they start to lose their flavour.

2. It’s safer

I’ve been gardening organically ever since I started gardening. I think the farm I garden at may spread manure (if you don’t know what that is look it up:)) in the Fall, but that’s the only added nutrients the soil receives. And guess what: everything (except potatoes) grows fine! Things get really big, they flourish really. It’s living proof that we do not always need synthetic pesticides and chemicals to grow our food. And of course, it makes me feel a lot better knowing the veggies I’m eating haven’t been sprayed. Gardening can be safer!

3. It feels great

I do think that gardening, touching the earth and just getting out hands soiled can be therapeutic and leave us feeling a bit happier. Plants are necessary for our survival and provide so many unseen benefits for us. Give those plants some love! Gardening and growing your food allows us to connect with that which sustains us. Also being outside, breathing in fresh air and getting some sun (think Vitamin D) is just a good thing to do for your health.

4.  It’s cheap!!

Wow, I can’t believe the amount of produce I’ve harvested on my tiny plot. I paid $40 for the plot all season and likely walked away with $200 worth of produce over the gardening season. It may not be enough for an entire family, you have to think about how much space you will need. Still, when  you do the math, you’ll likely find that growing your own food can make a lot of economic sense!

5. It’s fun!

Ok, not everyone may find great pleasure in growing their own food and breaking out their green thumbs, but to me it’s just as fun as a birthday party or a day at the beach. If I had to do it for hours I would likely not feel this way about gardening, but it surely tops my list of enjoyable hobbies.

How about you? What do you think about gardening?

Here are two pictures of the White House Kitchen Garden in Washington, DC (taken on my trip there in May of 2015).

Obama garden, the White House Garden

The White House Garden

Obama garden, White House Garden

The White House Garden – a close up


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