How knowing hardship inspires some to feed the world

Today I’m thinking about my visit with the wonderful organization in April.

Food waste is a topic on fire these days. But how often do you meet people actually doing something about it?

The United Nations Food Agriculture Organization estimates that we throw away about 30% of our food in developed countries. For fruits and vegetables, statistics are even more shocking: some estimates show that we throw away around half (or more!!) of the fruits and vegetables that we grow. This includes produce thrown away on farms and elsewhere along the food chain (grocery stores, retail, restaurants and at home).

When I heard about the Southwestern Ontario Gleaners — a charitable organization located in Leamington, Ontario — I got really excited. It was my Leamington Grandma who first told me about them. For those who don’t know, Leamington is a greenhouse hotspot in Canada and North America. Apparently it has the most greenhouses per capita in all of North America. A LOT…

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