Peace Photos from Europe

I’ve been back to Toronto for almost a month after my amazing two-month journey through Europe. Today I thought I’d share some signs of peace I found along the way — While I was in Geneva, there was a photo exhibit at the Palais des Nations showing people standing up for their basic human rights around the world. In some of the photos, it was obvious that people are longing for peace, especially in countries where human rights are not upheld (the captions are included are those that I found on the plaques underneath the photos).

These photos may not cheer you up — they may even make you a bit sad. I don’t want you to be sad, though :). I’m just trying to show what is out there in the world and give a voice to the voiceless through my writing and documentation. At the end of the post, you will see some happier peace photos.


“Kurdish demonstrator in traditional outfit.” 

peace-venezuela .jpg

“Demonstration for peace in Venezuela.” 


“Global Day of Action against military expenditure.”


“… two Palestinian mothers demanding the release of their sons and 4,750 other prisoners.”


“Demonstration by Kurdish women who traveled from several European countries demanding their rights.”


I met an awesome girl from Nice. She let me stay in her top-floor bachelor apartment in old Nice for a week. I walked in and saw this hanging from her low ceiling. 


A Willy Wonka impersonator who ‘peaced me’ in Madrid. 


This giant joker caught my attention – he was in Madrid – inside what looked like some kind of gambling place, I’m not sure. Nevertheless, he made me smile.  



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