September 21st is a very special day around the world: it’s the International Day of Peace. According to Wikipedia, the United Nations (UN) passed a resolution (sponsored by the United Kingdom and Costa Rica) in 1981 declaring the third Tuesday of each September be devoted to

“commemorating and strengthening the ideals of peace both within and among all nations and peoples.”

On the Tuesday, September 21st, 1982, the first International Day of Peace occurred with the theme of the “Right to Peace of People.” The following year, in 1983, the UN’s secretary general of the time announced a “Culture of Peace” in the 21st century to make peace a practical reality for the children of the world and future generations. The Culture of Peace is based upon the belief that “since wars begin in the minds of men [and women], it is in the minds of men [and women] that the defenses of peace must be constructed.”

This Culture of Peace program still exists within the UN – although many claim that it deserves and needs more attention and resources that it actually receives.

It wasn’t until 2001 when September 21st was decided as the official day for the International Day of Peace each year. The United Nations general assembly adopted a resolution that the 21st of September would be the special day devoted to peace, whereby all Member States are invited to:

“commemorate, in an appropriate manner, the International Day of Peace, including through education and public awareness, and to cooperate with the United Nations in the establishment of the global ceasefire.”

Let us take a moment on September 21st, 2016.

Let us celebrate how far the world has come for peace, and let us not forget the hard work that has been done to get us there.

Let us honour those who served for our freedom, both past and present

Let us hope for a world with non-violence and freedom for all

Let us hope for a world with responsible and just leaders that respect human rights and are willing to work towards the global ceasefire

Let us hope for humanity, for a world in peace.

World peace is of very high importance for The Peace Shop – and striving for global stability is one of the main goals of the social enterprise, which is why 10% of profits are donated to the Foundation for Food and Peace. This foundation will support global peace education and peacebuilding initiatives. We also aim to promote peace through our peace designs.



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