3 Must-See Food Films

A few weekends ago I attended an environmental film festival called Planet in Focus here in Toronto. It was my first time attending, and the caliber of films selected truly impressed and inspired me. At the festival some amazing films about food were selected. If you are concerned about what you eat and our food system, I highly recommend checking out these 3 films:



Filmed at the 2015 World Fair/ Expo in Milan, Italy, last year, this film explores the world of social gastronomy, an emerging concept revolving around equality in food access. The film covers a project in Milan that brought in top chefs from around the world to cook for the homeless under the leadership of Brazilian chef and philanthropist Massimo Bottura. The film does a fabulous job at exposing the raw life of the city’s struggling homeless while also featuring tremendous culinary footage as some of the world’s best chefs prepare delectable-looking dishes from leftover ingredients from the World Fair. The film’s beautiful food footage goes through your stomach to bring the homeless into your heart.

Director: Peter Svatek, National Film Board of Canada and Seville International



This documentary is a well-rounded look at a question many are asking: how will be able to feed 10 billion people by 2050? Director Valentin Thurn has done the research for us. He traveled the world and interviewed many individuals with answers — some more optimistic than others — to that question. From staff at a seed saving project in India, to a plant breeder for Bayer, to a scientist working to create “meatless” meat (yes, you read that right), to an insect farm in Thailand, to a giant poultry processing plant in India, to a hydroponic vegetable factory in Japan, 10 Billion: What’s On Your Plate provides a candid look at our diverse industrial food system. This film will definitely broaden your food horizons and leave you thinking.

Director: Valentin Thurn, Alte Celluloid Fabrik GbR



This film explores the incredible and overlooked world of seeds in an up-close and downright beautiful way. Featuring multiple images of colourful and stunning seeds — from plants like beans, vegetables and “Indian corn” — amidst stories of unique (and well-known) individuals around the world working to save seeds for generations to come, the film explores an important issue: our shrinking supply of life-giving seeds. A cautionary tale at the core, the film gets to the point in the beginning by reporting how up to 96% of the vegetable seeds available in 1903 have disappeared. This documentary issues a wake up call to the corporate take over of seeds and the dwindling diversity of the world’s seed bank. You will never feel the same about seeds again — guaranteed!

Directors: Jon Betz & Taggart Siegel



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