WHY “Food and Peace”?

Food has always been a foundation for societal balance and harmony. Conflicts and social unrest unfortunately soar when people don’t have enough to eat. But it goes beyond that: the right food is important. People need foods that sustain their bodies, minds and spirits, and they should have a right to know what’s in their food and how it was grown. The right food is important for overall health and inner peace.


Food insecurity was a major cause of the French Revolution. Painting by Willem Claeszoon Heda.

In today’s western world we have an abundance of food choices at our fingertips. We have diet fads, new cookbooks around the clock, and food flown or shipped from all over the world. We’ve also created an industrial food system that favours monoculture and needs pesticides and inputs to keep going. However, people are waking up and realizing the detrimental effects this type of food production is having on our environment and our health. We are damaging the very thing that sustains us and other life: the earth.

At the same time we still have high rates of food insecurity around the world (about 1 billion still don’t have enough food to eat). We have enough food on the planet to feed everyone, yet we waste about 1/3 of all our food. Is it right that the west is full and wasteful while others go to bed hungry at night? Many think not. We need new ways for looking at food insecurity, food distribution and feeding the world’s hungry. And we need to prioritize healthy foods that nourish bodies and souls without depleting the earth or bringing us down. We also need to support food artisans / producers and those working hard to provide people with nutritious foods that are grown and produced in a conscious way.

This blog is a project of Mary Wales, a writer, editor and entrepreneur based in Toronto, Ontario.

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