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Christmas Pudding - This year I wanted to try something different and twist up my Christmas baking routine. Instead of ginger cookies and German zimtsterne (cinnamon stars), I went for Christmas pudding — a classic British Christmas sweet that dates back to the … Continue reading
Celebrating An Ancient Culinary Tradition - This article was published via THE HUFFINGTON POST – you can read it here (November 11, 2016). I’ve never tasted anything quite like the dessert I was exposed to last Thursday at The Depanneur on College Street in Toronto. My day … Continue reading
An NYC Photo Album - This past weekend I attended Rotary Day at the United Nations headquarters in New York. I’ve always wanted to visit the UN headquarters — and I’m so glad I went. The overall goal of the organization – to have a peaceful … Continue reading
3 Must-See Food Films - A few weekends ago I attended an environmental film festival called Planet in Focus here in Toronto. It was my first time attending, and the caliber of films selected truly impressed and inspired me. At the festival some amazing films … Continue reading
THE 2016 INTERNATIONAL DAY OF PEACE - September 21st is a very special day around the world: it’s the International Day of Peace. According to Wikipedia, the United Nations (UN) passed a resolution (sponsored by the United Kingdom and Costa Rica) in 1981 declaring the third Tuesday … Continue reading
A Great Quote - I watched Tony Robbins speak on Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday — and he said a beautiful thing: There is also a documentary about him on Netflix. It’s called “I AM NOT YOUR GURU”. I recommend checking him out. He really … Continue reading
A New Online Store for Peace ☮ - About a month ago I launched an online store for peace. I wanted to do more for peace than just blog and research about it. I luckily met a talented designer and we’ve been working together to create designs for t-shirts … Continue reading
Peace Photos from Europe - I’ve been back to Toronto for almost a month after my amazing two-month journey through Europe. Today I thought I’d share some signs of peace I found along the way — While I was in Geneva, there was a photo … Continue reading
Exploring France’s New Wine Museum via/ The Huffington Post - This article was originally published via The Huffington Post (click here to view it). I luckily found myself in the France’s port city of Bordeaux this past week. I wanted to go there to taste and explore some of the … Continue reading
Notes from a Food and Peace Travel Diary: Part IV - About a week ago I left France and headed to Spain with a BlaBlaCar – a ride share, a common way of getting around these days in Europe (I would love to see a similar structure take off in North … Continue reading
Let the Clean 15 Be Your Guide - Is Organic Healthier? Better? Lately there have been quite a few articles floating around the internet on the question of whether organic food is better for us. The question is not new by any means, but I’m still shocked at … Continue reading
Notes from a Food and Peace Travel Diary: Part III -      I’ve been in Montpellier for almost a month and I’m very proud of myself for choosing to stay put here while I work an a biography for someone, among other things. Lately I’ve been staying in and have … Continue reading
Enough Food For Everyone - Hi Friends, Nothing too grandiose or full of prose tonight.  I just wanted to share this 2013 video about world hunger  that’s “really on to something”. The video was created for the Enough Food For Everyone Campaign in Britain, which resulted … Continue reading
Tips for Traveling on a Budget - Five Tips for Traveling on a Budget People always ask me how I’m able to travel so often, so I thought I’d share my tips and tricks for making going afar cost almost the same as staying home. 1. Sleep … Continue reading
Notes from a Food and Peace Travel Diary – Part II -      After I left Munich, I headed to Geneva on a night bus to visit a friend who works there. I hadn’t seen her in over five years, so I was quite excited. I also was curious about the … Continue reading
Notes from a Food and Peace Travel Diary, Part I -       I’ve been back in Europe for a week or so and so far it’s just as tasty and chic as I remembered. I’ve visited two culturally-rich (to say the least) cities so far: Munich and Paris. It’s … Continue reading
A Conversation With Peace Leader Robert Stewart - –Photo by dbking (David) – Creative Commons photo (Yoko Ono’s “Imagine Peace”) Recently I had the chance to speak with Robert Stewart, the person behind the website Peace.Ca and the founder of the Canadian Centers for Teaching Peace, a non-profit … Continue reading
Foolproof Chocolate Mousse – with Rosewater - Yesterday I made chocolate mousse – or mouse au chocolat as the the French would say! I’ve discovered that this classy and classic dessert is easy to make. I had some extra egg whites to use up, so I thought … Continue reading
WHAT DO WE SEE? THE 2016 GUELPH ORGANIC CONFERENCE FORUM - A few weekends ago it was that time of year again: the time of gourmet organic chocolate samples from Giddy YoYo and Coco Camino, and fresh organic carrot juice from Pfenning’s Organic Farm. It was the time of year of the Guelph … Continue reading
Chocolate or Vanilla: How about both? - VVSomething I’ve always wanted to do is visit a vanilla farm, and this year that wish came true. Vanilla is a vine orchid native to central/ south America that can produce what we call “beans”.  The beans (or pods) are filled … Continue reading
Slow Food International Writes about “Food and Peace” - About 7 months ago I started to write on Food and Peace. I bought the domain over a year ago, but it wasn’t until I moved to Washington, DC, this past summer to start a contract for the Food and … Continue reading
Book Review: Crazy Sexy Diet - For a few weeks now I’m a proud owner of Kris Carr‘s Crazy Sexy Diet (Gobe Pequot Press, 2011). I’ve finished reading the book, and not for the first time: I first picked it up last year from the library after … Continue reading
Lester B. Pearson: FAO Father & Peace Visionary - If Lester B. Pearson had a resume, it would surely stun: Nobel Peace Prize holder, a founding father of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, peace advocate, Prime Minister of Canada and author. Wow! Continue reading
I Can’t Believe It’s Not Cheese: A Vegan Cheese Making Workshop - This week I went to a vegan cheese making workshop at The Depanneur on College West in Toronto. The Deppaneur – or ‘Dep’ – is a community kitchen where “interesting food things happen”, like workshops, resident chefs and talks about food, … Continue reading
We Feed the Planet Summit in Milan, Italy: A Once in a Lifetime Experience - Matty Neufeld, a 26-year-old chef from Winnepeg, Manitoba was one of 16 Canadian youth who attended the We Feed the Planet Summit in Milan, Italy this year. Here he shares his thoughts and highlights about this busy event that brought together 2,500 people from 120 countries to address sustainable agriculture and food production. Continue reading
How knowing hardship inspires some to feed the world - Food waste is a topic on fire these days. But how often do you meet people actually doing something about it? The United Nations Food Agriculture Organization estimates that we throw away about 30% of our food in developed countries.…
Peace and the 2015 State of Food Insecurity in the World Report - In 1948,the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) recognized the “right to adequate food“ as a part of the right to a decent standard of living. However, in 2015, it’s no secret that everyone around the world does not … Continue reading
A Short History of High Tea and a Review of The Tea Party - With these chilly and rainy days I’ve been drinking lots of tea lately. I’ve also been thinking about my first time trying “high tea” this past Spring in Ottawa. It was at The Tea Party on York Street – right next to … Continue reading
Five Reasons to Love Gardening - I’ve been gardening for three years now and this season just ended. It was a good one — one filled with spinach, kale, carrots, tomatoes, one watermelon, green and purple bush beans and even parsley. My onions didn’t turn out … Continue reading
Easy Pumpkin Pie - Easy Pumpkin Pie Here’s my recipe for easy pumpkin pie — a dessert I love as much as fall itself.  This is quite a simple pumpkin pie recipe. You can use a real pumpkin and bake it for about an … Continue reading
World Food Day 2015 - Today is World Food Day, going around on Twitter as #WFD2015. What is World Food Day? I tried to find a summary of what the event is, and the best I could find was one written on the site … Continue reading
The World Peace Diet: A Book Review - A book review of The World Peace Diet. Continue reading
easy creme brulee Salted Crème Brûlée - Wow! I decided I would make crème brûlée the other day. This dessert really is easy to make and its so creamy and delicious. You can make amazing crème brûlée right at home! The dessert is from France, but other variations … Continue reading
The 2015 Agriculture Debate in Canada - What do agricultural politics and chocolate cake have in common? Well, you can blog about them both, of course. And I did just that. This week I wrote a blog post about my Grandma’s favourite chocolate cake recipe – a 4th … Continue reading
Simple Chocolate Cake - This recipe is my Grandma’s favourite! It was passed down to her from her mother, who got it from her mother. So, this is a 4th generation recipe. It’s very easy to make! It takes about 20 minutes. Try and … Continue reading
Thoughts about Organic Week - Organic week just ended here in Canada. As someone who used to work in the sector (for the Organic Council of Ontario), I thought I would write about this celebratory 7 days. My experience working for the Council was interesting – … Continue reading
Spectacular Peach Crisp - I love peaches! They are in season right now here in Ontario (Canada). I’ve cooked / baked them in two ways recently: I made a peach crisp/ crumble and I broiled them with lemon juice and fresh thyme! Absolutely wonderful. … Continue reading
Food Trucks: The Dark and Dirty Side - I remember living in Washington, DC, and how popular food trucks were there. Sure, some of them served up delicious food. I went a few times with co-workers. It was something a little different and on a nice, warm days … Continue reading
Foreign Policy and the 2015 Election in Canada - Today I’m watching the first debate with the four leaders of Canada’s major political parties, including the Prime Minister Stephen Harper. I was most interested in the part of foreign policy as I’ve always been passionate about international and humanitarian … Continue reading
Hello Vancouver, Hello Deliciousness - I’ve been in Vancouver for about a week and I have to say I’m really impressed by the culinary options this city has to offer – there are restaurants everywhere. I’ve tried some memorable Canadiana bistro cooking at The Oakwood … Continue reading
Delicious Memories from Mexico - Today I’m thinking about the time I spent in Mexico this past April. The food was nothing short of delicious, but really what did I expect? I love Mexican cuisine — the spicy spices blended with the zest and freshness … Continue reading
Preservation Society: Unique, Jar-Filled Flavours - Today I’m reminiscing about my visit with Camilla Wynne this past winter. Wynne is the owner of Preservation Society, a small-batch preserve company located in Montreal’s busy Boulevard Saint-Laurent.  Ever since I first heard about her preserves on Radio-Canada’s “Bien bans son assiette”, … Continue reading
Bake off: Popping Popovers out of the Oven! - This Sunday I decided to make popovers. I’ve never tried them before. They were so easy to whip up and bake. I combined a few recipes. Popovers are called so because they literally pop up out of the muffin tin … Continue reading
The United Nations: So Young Men Would Never Have to Face a War Again - My heart sizzled as I watched this short video. The United Nations (UN) was founded in 1945 by men and women who experienced the devastating effects of war first hand. Our generations (those born after then) have heard their stories … Continue reading
Quick and delicious broccoli sprout smoothie - Yesterday I had to use up some broccoli sprouts, so I decided to make a quick brococoli-sprout smoothie. It turned out delicious. Before that I spoke to a friend who said that recent studies have shown that broccoli sprouts can … Continue reading
Grandma’s Coffee Cake - In April I visited my wonderful Grandma on her farm in Leamington, Ontario. Her famous coffee cake is one the first desserts I ever remember her making. “Grandma what is that?” I asked her when I was six years old. … Continue reading
The Chance for Food and Peace in Syria - This article was written by Wiliam Lambers and published in The Hill. Click here to read the article on The Hill’s website. Photo above: World Food Programme. For Syria to survive as a nation, they must have food. The farmers … Continue reading
How to Make Easy Tiramisu - I had some time last Friday so I thought I would try and make Tiramisu (Italian for pick-me-up, likely because of the coffee content?). It’s one of my favourite desserts and I always wanted to make it myself, a la scratch, … Continue reading
Homemade Cinnamon Buns - Today I decided to make cinnamon buns — one of my all time favourite sweet treats. These ones turned out great. I adapted the recipe from The Messy Baker by Charmain Christie. Set aside at least 4 hours to make … Continue reading
The Story of LIVE Kombucha - Have you heard about kombucha? It’s a fermented tea beverage with quite the history. It likely originated in China — says Lorman Ip, CEO of the Guelph-based LIVE Kombucha — before it spread west into Mongolia and Russia. And then, in … Continue reading

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